miércoles, 16 de septiembre de 2015

The Verge of Civilization

I was born in  a strange mixture of nature and human-made structures, I lived right on the verge of civilization, where the vestiges of a declining civilization were left abandoned perhaps by the side of an old road. Unmaintained buildings now on the verge of collapse were absorbed by the surrounding nature and filled with thousands of shades of green, and equal numbers of different colored flowers. There, jumping between madness and civilization, I was conceived. I was to make a normal human life, not minding the nature surrounding me, growing, thinking that man-made things are better. Yet, in a moment of lucidity, I realized the amazing complexity that made life on Earth flourish, the plants grow and everything else seem amazing, and I became convinced that nature was not even comparable to "civilized life". What is going on through our minds! We see the beauty of amazing feats of architecture, which I'm not diminishing, and can't see the beauty of rainforests, of clouds or of dandelions. 

I was up there, a top a mountain, when I realized just how puny Man is, there were the clouds meet the ground, millions of shades of green, becoming darker as the eye roamed freely through the landscape. There, I looked down, and saw a little city, with little maze-like streets, and tiny people the size of ants, moving along with their sorrows and issues, and I laughed. Who am I to judge? Yet at that moment, I came to my senses and realized how tiny our existence is, the wild, stretching out for thousands of kilometers. Our cities of no comparable size. This experience made in me a profound statement, to treat man more kindly and to recognize just how fragile we all are, to be more humble. 

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