martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015


Suicide is merely a liberation from the utter pain that is existence.

Suicide, we talk so little about suicide, yet it is a high cause of death in the world. What is there to be understood and what is to be done? Why must all the failures of one man fall all unto him, why is it a pain to admit that a man may not be the prime cause of all his misfortunes, and even if he was, he doesn't deserve such a miserable existance, He's a human being after all. Remember, there's no such thing as a fully meritocratic society. Man is always biased and always will be. Either by status, acquaintances or other factors.

There are other causes for it, a love affair gone terribly bad. Why, o why must life be so terribly unfair when it comes to love. It is not the one that loves the hardest that ultimately becomes happy. It is, perhaps rather strinkingly, the one that shows a little distance, and knows how to handle a relationship, according to modern era standards. What a doomed existance for us hopeless romantics don't you think? I'm really really shy, yet when I fall, I fall deep, my mind can't be taken off the person, my language forms involuntarily into beautiful poems to cherish my most precious possesion, at least for a moment or two. I can see the pain of going through that kind of break up, I can see tears, and, if someone's too deep, eventually suicide. What a cruel society has teached us to despise romantics, cruel indeed. Poor souls, doomed by their ideas, martyrs of romanticism.

I suggest you to look refuge in nature, works for me at least. Just look at the magnificent little trees, shining bright like precious emeralds under the imponent sun. The Sun possesses an effect to make nature happier, to make it a little bit more joyful. To feel the energy of the sun in your back and to really feel yourself as one under the sun, as one with the Earth, trees and everything around you. That everything around you wishes you to continue, everything around you loves you. Laugh whenever confronted with the absurdity of daily life, read plenty, and trust me, you will be fine.

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