sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2015

Are we too early?

Human Civilization has had its ups and downs, we've passed through the dark ages and the Renaissance, we've come close enough to see death and the collapse of our system right into the eyes, and perhaps we are still recovering from the Cold War. If it wasn't for the audacity of some men, we perhaps wouldn't be here to tell this story. Perhaps, one of the best discoveries of our time, was the discovery of the cosmos, and everything the Universe has to teach us. We have set foot on the Moon, and sent robots far and wide in our cosmic neighborhood, but while this achievements were being made, our existence on our planet was being threatened by the close-mindedness of our leaders. How eager were they to kill one another, and we still are. The division lines of our people run along the lines of religion, race and our place of birth. There are still people, of one corner of our planet, who long to kill and torture the inhabitants of some other corner.

Our great achievements, stained by the ugly face of murder and death. All this thought put forth, in the post Cold War era, makes us feel ashamed of ourselves, but we are yet to surpass our judgements, and to leave our prejudices behind. Are we to venture out to try and colonize our cosmic backyard? We can't even put the Earth in order, nor can we agree on how should we behave, on what's moral and what can we do or not with our body and phallic parts. Religions seem to love arguing about this and sometimes killing to make their point through. Are we, to venture out into outer space, sharing our human morals? We have many judgements, we seem to love prejudice, if an alien visited us, we'd probably kill him and then feed him to the dogs. Whenever we stop killing each other, and when we bring back the consciousness of the Earth being a single organism, to make this idea mainstream. Whenever we see our brothers in the Arab world, struggling, fighting for survival, when our first instinct at seeing this is to stop war, to help our dying brothers and to preserve our little planet, a little speck to the Universe, the whole Universe to us. Whenever this mentality of world citizenship and universal caring takes over, then we will be ready to colonize other planets, but until then, our dream of going elsewhere to save us from ourselves, is but a fantasy.

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