martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

Cosmic Insignificance

There was one philosopher who claimed he knew the secret. He argued that the planets, the sun, the stars and all of the universe was made solely for the use of man. At this assertion the two celestial strangers nearly fell down, seized by an attack of inextinguishable laughter. Micromegas, Voltaire 1752

That's what we, what the human species believed during the Inquisition, but are we really to be blamed? No telescope, nothing to know that the Earth was not the center of the Universe. If we don't know might as well go with the one that's nicer. What are we? We are barely the remnants of the earliest known stars, we come merely from the beginning of the universe. We are barely the universe. We are a part of the universe, the universe is within us, through us, the stars are experiencing themselves. The stars named themselves if you think about it. Perhaps we have not been given the lead in the cosmic drama, perhaps we, the little speck of light which we inhabit, and all of us have not been given a special place in the universe. But to recognize our kinship with our fellow humans, with our trees and animals, and with the universe itself makes me feel gigantic. I'm never going to die, until the Universe expires.

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