martes, 22 de septiembre de 2015

On Nature

Perpetual rain, showering vast fields of grass, looking relaxed and sorrowless, deep nature never looked so good. The rain goes on, without anything to stop the mighty rain, the trees kneeling before her all wanting a piece of her. Small bushes get crushed by the tall and strong trees, and so life goes on, not rushing, not troubled.

There is much to learn from trees, rain, and Nature in general, but the kind of vast landscapes and gigantic, magnificent fields strike me the most. We, perhaps should stop all at once, to have a glare at the very least, to treasure and cherish our mother Nature. We should, once in a while position ourselves in the perspective of the enormous bits of nature, and for once in our lives stop troubling ourselves for little things. We need to learn to cherish existence, rather than just breathe, move around and continue to exist. Thus, I ask you a very simple thing, not to be a romantic nothing of the sort, but to live, rather than just subsist. Live properly, live like everything is new, everything us refreshing to look at, look at thing through different perspectives, rather than just use your simple human mind, think globally, universally if possible. We have stopped dreaming. We have become complacent and, rather disinterested in the precious side of nature, and that is a pity. We as a society worship new buildings, more everything is more. We get it, it's the future, but shouldn't we sometimes stop and just have a look outside our great walls? Great concrete and steel giants are covering up our eyesight, but is that all we want to see? Rain has turned melancholic, rather than cheerful as rain should be. Rain is the most beautiful thing in the world, it is the one who brings life to Earth.

Shouldn't we take a little time to appreciate our enviroment? We need to preserve and cherish, while there's still time. Otherwise, the land our children inherit, will be just one great big ball of concrete.

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